Getting Started on a Plant Based Diet

Baby Steps

If you look at this as a single sweeping change, it appears monumental. Its better to make changes in smaller chunks. The author of the book Main Street Vegan   Victoria Moran, suggests removing one kind of animal from your diet at a time (“chicken and eggs are a great place to start”); being “vegan at home” to better control your food; or trying “vegetarian for now” and continuing to eat eggs and dairy.  My husband and I started withe things as we ran out of them.  This way we were able to not “starve” while finding suitable substitutes.

As long as you are moving towards the finish line, take the time and care you need to keep going.

Until I was sure of what I was doing, I didnt make it known that we had gone vegan. We needed the time to find a few choices and be comfortable with them before sharing with others.. this may help you as well.

Strength in Numbers

Many people find it beneficial to join support groups. There is, Facebook and sometimes local hospitals have plant based support groups.

You can still go out to dinner

Many restaurants have vegan options now. There are apps to help you find local restaurants and navigate menus. Experiment with new favorite foods

Don’t worry about nutrition at first.

As long as you are eating a variety of veggies, fruits, nuts and grains, you can fill in what is missing as you learn and explore

This is not about eating bland

There are many spices and vegatbles that used in a new way add a new dimension to your food. If you think about it … what do you put on meat? Spices (veggies)

Pass on the Pasta.

“Many who claim to be vegetarian or vegan are really starch-atarians filling meat voids with pasta, fries, bread,” and other non-plant substitutes, says Ashayla Patterson of the bakery Sweet Artique. Try to eat more healthy, whole foods to give your body the vital nutrients and antioxidants it needs.   – credit Readers Digest

 Your grocery list will change

This will change slowly as you explore. Grains, beans etc are inexpensive and without buying meat, most people see their grocery bill go down. ( unless you are filling with pre made products)

Have fun with new foods

Youtube is our go-to for finding great vegan recipes and being able to SEE how things come together.
Also see


Connies Rawsome Kitchen

Edgy Veg


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