I have to do something

I have been mulling this idea around for nearly a year. So many people i know have not attempted vegan foods because they don’t want to buy something and not make it right, and it goes to waste.

Frankly if it wasn’t for my husbands past vegan experience and penchant for experimenting, I too would be resistant to a vegan diet because all that would leave me was salad and pasta… amiright?

Over the course of 3 yrs now we have made some of the basics a variety of ways and have found the best ways to cook some of the foods.

Have you ever read a recipe that said “its done when its gooey” but had no idea if it was “gooey enough” ?  or done enough?  I am hoping a couple of coaching sessions to show you how to make a few items may open up a world of possibilities for you.

Sometimes as a meat eater I sort of felt like a slave to the meat … Always had to have it on my plate. Was always looking for a good price, then making sure to use it before it went bad.  Of course fresh veggies have not changed, those too will have to be used before they go bad.. but seitan can be cooked on demand and jackfruit is in a can, not spoiling in the fridge.

Perhaps if you wanted to invite a friend over we could all hang out in the kitchen and get to know some new options for you to server your family. New, healthier and meat free.

When I think about how easy it really is… and how much suffering happens to the animals, I realize I have to do something. Even if its small.




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